Quest Software - Network Monitoring Software for Network ManagementMonitor Your Virtualized Environments with PacketTrap Perspective

Perspective's Virtualization Module makes it easy to monitor your virtual environment to ensure it is running smoothly. It automatically discovers your host ESX servers and associated guest virtual machines and provides insight into key statistics like status, CPU, memory, disk usage, and interface traffic. As resource allocation changes, Perspective updates to provide you with the most real-time information about your virtualized environment.

By extending support to virtualized nodes, Perspective efficiently and proactively monitors the performance, utilization and availability of entire IT infrastructures. Perspective monitors and alerts on the VMware ESX Server and the free VMware Server (formerly GSX server). Since VMware instances behave similarly to actual servers, monitoring for health and performance becomes equally important.



VMware Support

Not only does PacketTrap Networks support VMware technology through our Virtualization Module; but we also support customers who deploy PacketTrap Perspective running on supported Operating Systems in a VMware ESX virtual machine environment. Please click here for more details regarding PacketTrap's Support for VMware

How Do I Get PacketTrap Perspective's Virtualization Management Features?